You CAN Make a Difference!

What happens when you combine the principals of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math), unopened cans and boxes of food and creative and dedicated teachers and students who want to help their community? You have an event called Canstruction. The Midland County Emergency Food Pantry Network (EFPN), Midland Public Schools and the Midland Mall are joining together to host a Canstruction event. Teams of students will use their STEAM skills to construct sculptures of food. The theme for this year’s event is Small Things Big.


The build date is Wednesday, November 10 at the Midland Mall starting at 8:00 AM.  The build will last till 1:00 pm. Technical Awards will be announced at 2:30 pm on November 10. You are invited to come and watch as students defy logic and gravity as they build structures out of cans and boxes of food. The structures will be on display in the Midland Mall November 10 thru 12:00 pm Sunday November 14.


 You can vote for your favorite structure by purchasing tickets for $1.00 ticket. Voting will close when the mall closes on Saturday November 13.   The People ‘s Choice Award will be announced on November 14 at the Midland Mall at 12:30 PM. All food used in these structures will come back to EFPN to help feed your neighbors in need.


This event is part competition, part food drive, and a whole lot of fun. We are grateful to many local businesses who have helped to fund the food that the students will be using. Come to the Midland Mall and enjoy the structures, vote for your favorite and support the efforts of the students as they show how we can tackle hunger and make a difference one CAN at a time.