Reverse Advent Calendar

Help those in need of food by doing a Reverse Advent Calendar during this Advent season. With a normal advent calendar, you open a door each day to see a picture, take out a chocolate or get some other prize. With a reverse advent calendar, you begin with an empty box. Every day for 24 days, you add one item a day. After 24 days when the box is full, please donate the items to the Midland County Emergency Food Pantry Network. You can bring the items to any of our pantries or to our warehouse location at 503 S Saginaw Rd (enter off Cambridge)

Below are some suggestions. You can choose to change the foods. You can put in ingredients to make a favorite recipe and then include the recipe. Have fun as you celebrate this Advent Season while helping to put food on the table of those in need.

Day 1:   one can of vegetables
Day 2:   one can of fruit
Day 3:   box of pasta
Day 4:   pasta sauce
Day 5:   pancake mix
Day 6:   pancake syrup
Day 7:   peanut butter
Day 8:   box of macaroni and cheese
Day 9:   raman noodles
Day 10: can of soup
Day 11: can of beef stew
Day 12:  can of tuna or chicken
Day 13:  jelly
Day 14:  cereal
Day 15:  Hamburger or Tuna Helper
Day 16:  canned meals
Day 17: cooking oil
Day 18: granola bars
Day 19: flour or sugar
Day 20: bar of soap
Day 21: toothbrush
Day 22: toothpaste
Day 23: deodorant
Day 24: shampoo