Meijer’s Simply Give: August 19-September 15

EFPN has been selected to be a beneficiary of Meijer’s Simply Give program which runs August 19 through September 15.  Customers can purchase a $10 Meijer Food Pantry Donation Card and Meijer’s will convert this card into a $10 Meijer’s  food gift card which will be given to EFPN to help stock pantry shelves.  In addition, Meijers will  give EFPN an additional $10.00 gift card.  Your $10.00 donation becomes $20.00 for EFPN. Friday, September 7 is going to be a double match day. For your $10.00 donation, Meijer will donate an additional $20.00 gift card to our organization on this day. Your $10.00 donation becomes $30.00 for EFPN.   These cards are available at the check-out registers at Meijer’s.  We encourage our supporters to purchase the donation card so that we can not only get the Meijer’s gift cards you purchase but also the additional contribution from the Meijer’s Corporation.  Our pantry coordinators use donations from this program to purchase food items that are not donated or available from the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.   They especially like to use these gift cards to purchase ground beef which is often in short supply at our pantries.