Sharing Tree Online Impact Store

EFPN will be participating in the Sharing Tree Program.  In past years,  our requests were listed on the Red Tags.  As was introduced last year,  donations to support EFPN must be made through the online Impact Store. Instead of buying actual items, donors can go online and contribute money in various categories at the Impact Store. EFPN will receive funds so that we can go and purchase the needed items. We hope to provide our recipients personal care items, kitchen supplies, grocery and restaurant gift cards. The Sharing Tree has been very valuable in allowing us to make Christmas and the time beyond the holidays special for our recipients. One of our past recipients remarked that this was the only Christmas gift she was receiving. We have used generous grocery gift cards to not only allow families to purchase food but also gifts for their children. On Cyber Monday,  November 26, there will be a match for all donations made on this day. Please support the Sharing Tree Red Tag program by making a contribution at the Impact Store ( after November 1 and know you are giving something extra for those in need.

Donate A Deer

EFPN has a partnership with the Chippewa Nature Center. In the fall months, deer that are harvested at the Nature Center are donated to EFPN. EFPN has the deer processed with a licensed processor, and the venison is given to clients. EFPN also runs a venison program independently of the Chippewa Nature Center program. Deer can be delivered to 784 South Poseyville Road, Midland or we will pick up any deer within a 50 mile radius of Midland. Information or to request a deer pick up can be found at (989) 835-9601. EFPN pays for the processing of the donated deer. We are grateful to the Chippewa Nature Center and their hunters as well as other hunters for providing venison for our clients.

Thrivent Choice®

ThrivantEFPN is now enrolled as a participating organization in Thrivent Choice. Thrivent Choice is a charitable grant program that allows eligible Thrivent Financial members to recommend where Thrivent Financial distributes part of its charitable outreach grant funds each year. Eligible Thrivent Financial members can direct available Choice Dollars®  to EFPN at any time. To learn more about Thrivent Choice and direct Choice Dollars®to EFPN , visit choice or call Thrivent at 800-847-4836, and say “Thrivent Choice” when prompted.

EFPN Received Visits from Girl Scout Troops

Two girl scout troops came to the EFPN offices to learn about EFPN.  Girls Scout Troop 50721  brought boxes of girl scout cookies. The girls counted the boxes in and  put them on the shelves in our warehouse. Our pantry coordinators took the boxes from our warehouse for their pantry shelves. The cookies were a special treat for our clients. The girls also counted a food donation that had come in and shelved the items. Girl Scout Troop 50574 brought items for birthday kits.  They had a tour of the SAMS pantry, one of our eight pantries.  They were given the task of selecting a weeks worth of food for a two person family.  We want to thank these troops for supporting EFPN and their willingness to learn about our organization.  We also want to thank their leaders and their parents for teaching them to be concerned for those in need.

Troop 50721          50721-4


Troop 50574          50574-1 (1)